Why choose a Childminder

Why choose a Childminder.

What Is A Childminder?

Childminders are professional daycarers who work in their own homes to provide care and education for other people's children in a family setting. They are registered and inspected by Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS). Childminders are self-employed and take care of their own tax and national insurance payments. They are not 'employed' by parents but they negotiate a contract for their service for which they charge a fee.

Why Use A Childminder?

Childminders offer a flexibile service that is difficult to find in other childcare provisions. Because they look after small groups of children, their daily routine is very adaptable. Individual dietary requirements, sleeping patterns or homework projects can be catered for with ease. Their flexibility makes childminders ideal care providers for children whose parents work shifts. Unlike most nurseries, out of school clubs and summer play schemes childminding services are often offered outside of standard opening hours. With childminders working in every area in Scotland, most families are able to find one who lives in, or close to, their own community.

Childminding Or Centre-Based Care?

Being cared for by a childminder gives youngsters the opportunity to learn from real-life experiences. Everyday activities like shopping trips, school runs, family mealtimes and visits to the park teach children valuable life skills that may not be acquired so readily in centre-based care. These activities also educate children about their local environment and community.


ABC Renfrew Childminders can offer;

•Individual care, sometimes even one to one, where time can be spent interacting with your child, whether that be having a cuddle and singing nursery rhymes or helping with homework.

•Flexible hours, usually earlier or later starts than day nursaries and Out of School Clubs can offer.

•Home-based care.

•Low adult:child ratios

•Continuity of care, from just a few weeks right through to secondary school.

•Ability to meet the individual needs of your baby/child, adapting where possible to routines of your child.

•Social outings to toddler groups and Childminder drop-ins.

•Real life learning, in a community environment, with regular trips to the local libraries, firestation, shops, parks and other facilities.

•Care within mixed age environment, with brothers and sisters cared for who are pre-school and school aged, in a family environment.